Asonial-K9 is a small working dog breeding and training facility south of Manila, Philippines owned and operated by me and my wife. Working service dogs are our passion and and we are solely dedicated to the breeding, real training, restoration and the preservation of true working dogs suitable for:

Civilian and Home Defense

Patrol and Guard Work

Search and Rescue


Asonial-K9 has shipped quality working dogs that currently serve as patrol dogs, personal protection dogs, search and rescue, home defense and  companion dogs to some local and mostly international clients, in asian countries, the United States and Canada.  AsoniAl-k9 periodically maintains and continues to provide direct assistance to its foreign clients in training reliable security patrol dogs and dog handlers for use in foreign security assignments and world events.

We may be the only training facility in Asia registered with the Nationaal Verbond van BelgischeKynologen VZW (NVBK) in Belgium, under the name Sultan-K9.