We do not breed nor work dogs/pups for competitions, be it Show or Sports. We believe that if we are to restore the past glory of these once historically-famous working dogs, then we must step miles back and re-dedicate ourselves to the original intention for this working breeds: as SERVICE DOGS. That’s the only way it should be. We stayed away from popular training disciplines that we believe only caused the downfall and near-demise of the real working dogs. Instead, we got back to the old-world training that not so long ago saw these dogs perform the most amazing, daring and downright dangerous feats ever witnessed by mankind.

We concentrate only on the herding breeds; the old-world working German Shepherd’s Dog, the Mechelaar herders (Malinois) and the Dutch Shepherd’s Dog. Our dogs were carefully selected to suit our requirements and posses the intelligence, natural abilities and stability necessary for REAL serious work. They come from some of the oldest and strongest bloodlines of pure working stock known to have performed service work. We don’t rely on pedigrees, but on their strength  and reliability in the working field.

We work and develop our pups and dogs not on manicured lawns with fixed painted agility courses, but on REAL settings --- natural and man-made, urban and rural --- regardless of working conditions. Our 19.5-acre training facility is a mini-farm with rugged challenging terrain, mini-rainforest and dense wooded areas. There we work and develop our pups and dogs in the harshness of the land like in the olden and golden days of the working breeds. We work them storm or shine, night and day in constantly-changing and deteriorating working conditions to maintain focus and functionality at the work even at the most precarious conditions wherever and whatever.

Our dogs are handler-driven. No food, tugs, balls or any props are used in their training. Those training aids or gadgets we consider as distractions and have no place in the real world. We develop thinking dogs and work them to focus and take directions only from their handlers. We develop their natural abilities in all facets of work --- agility, tracking and defense --- as natural as in the way they were created. They are worked early in life to make them physically and mentally tough to begin with. We develop the TOTAL dog, naturally skilfull in defense, agility and trackwork.

To maintain the stability and workability in our dogs, we do selective and meticulous breeding. Every pair we breed are pre-matched carefully for the required character and working traits. We monitor the pups on their overall strength and performance. No re-breeding happens until we are satisfied with the strength, performance and consistency of the initial litter.

Our little contribution to the restoration and preservation of the REAL working dog that once was, with the awesome working traits and part-human intelligence that made them historically famous and useful to man, in both war and peace.

- Jose Alberto “Al” Reanto / Marina M. Reanto, M.D.