Jinopo in Manila - Jiri Pokorny (leftmost) and Jiri Novotny (rightmost) were former officers of the world-renowned Pohranicni Straze Kennel in the former Czechoslovakia where Novotny served as Director for many years.

Niagara, Canada with Mike McConnery of Baden K9. Mike is described by many to be the most controversial figure to hit the dogworld in a hundred years. His training facilities are like no other. Effective and real as his work is what people, including our small exclusive group, find to be very true. Our training methods and philosophies are of heavy Baden influence.

Chicago, Illinois with the Gripman (Rolando Salvador). Grip is a major and frequent participant in Irondogs Competitions in the United States.

Bangalore, India with Masood Ahmed, the future and only hope of the true working dogs in the South of Asia..

Epi Gumatay of Makor K9. Epi first introduced Real Protection training and revolutionized protection training in this country.